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Call to Congress Update, 3-10-11

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(Please note that due to hectic schedules during the Call to Congress event any updates from Hillary Liber has been compiled from multiple text and email messages and might not be complete until she returns to provide additional information or make edits. Thank you.)

2 pm>

I just spent 7  hours meeting with legislative aides for Boxer, Feinstein ,Bilbray, Issa and Davis.  I also left personal hand written letters and packets with offices of Hunter and Bilbray. I even got to say “hi” to Bilbray as he left for a meeting. I cannot believe how positive and supportive all our Government representatives were. I feel so hopeful about the fight to Stop Diabetes. California is definitely leading the way!

I am tired from so many meetings – and so much walking!  But I feel so good about what we’ve accomplished today.  I hope lots of people have participated in the Virtual Call to Congress. If not please do it NOW! Thank you for your support. Having you with me made The day even better.


7 pm>

I just left the Caucus reception at 5pm in Rayburn House Office Building after our day of visits on the hill. I cannot express fully how emotional today was. I was so touched by the positive reception I received from all our elected representatives and their aides. There was a sincere interest in learning about diabetes, research and personal stories. We got a strong commitment of support for funding too.

One aide said “I appreciate all the information about the cost benefits (e.g. Spending $1 for each of the 79 million people with pre-diabetes will save $190 billion over the next 10 years), but we truly care as well about the personal impact of this disease. Becerra gave an amazing speech that diabetes is not Republican or Democratic, East or West, left or right. That instead, it affects us all and we must all work together harder than ever because it is getting more and more serious and we must help people with diabetes and their Families because that is ALL of us. He applauded what we advocates are doing and encouraged us to work harder and longer and never give up the fight.

I was very touched and recorded some of his speech. I will try to share that video when I’m home. We have much to do and I hope everyone will sign up to be a diabetes Advocate online. I also want to train a corps of Advocates in San Diego to help build relationships with our elected representatives so that we can be resources to them in the fight to Stop Diabetes!


To learn more about Hillary please click HERE.

Become a Diabetes Advocate at

Thank you Hillary and all of the other Advocates representing the almost 200,000 diabetics in San Diego County and the 26 Million children and adults in the united States now living with the disease.  It’s going to take a large number of devoted advocates, like Hillary to help make a difference with this disease that is now classified as an epidemic.

ADA San Diego

Written by American Diabetes Association San Diego

March 11, 2011 at 11:15 am

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