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What can you do to help Stop Diabetes now?

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What can you do to help Stop Diabetes now?

Call to Congress 2011 is over, but the fight to Stop Diabetes is NOT!

Here are some ways you can help right NOW:

1) Sign up to become a Diabetes Advocate. Go to

2) When you get messages from ADA, read and respond – it’s so easy! Be counted as someone who cares about the fight!

3) Join me, Hillary Liber, as an active advocate.  Email me at and I will have a conversation with you about how you can be involved.  We need advocates to appear at ADA events as well as to write letters, emails, calls, visits.  You can choose whatever activity and time commitment works for you – it can be a one time quick shot or more intense involvement.  Either way, I/We need your help!

4) We will be doing advocate training in the spring.  Join us to learn what advocacy is.  Send me your information so we can be sure you’re invited or contact the local ADA San Diego office to leave your information – call 619-234-9897.

Although my travels are over, our fight continues and hopefully it includes your help!

Thank you,

Hillary Liber

ADA San Diego Advocacy Chair and devoted Volunteer

Written by American Diabetes Association San Diego

March 14, 2011 at 4:56 pm

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