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Call to Congress, 3-12-11 Final Update/Report

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(Please note that due to hectic schedules during the Call to Congress event any updates from Hillary Liber has been compiled from multiple text and email messages and might not be complete until she returns to provide additional information or make edits. Thank you.)

I’m back in San Diego now – both exhausted and exhilarated.  It was wonderful to meet people from around the country who are partners in the fight to Stop Diabetes now, and who share my passion for the cause.  I was so impressed with the range of people involved – young and old, people with diabetes and their loved ones and people who just care, Asian and Latino and African-American and Caucasian and everything in between, Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc.  As Rep. Xavier Becerra said, diabetes is a non-partisan disease. It affects us all and we must all join forces to prevent the spread and find the cure.

I was also impressed with the positive response we got from all our electeds and their aides.  Even though the economy, the budget and the deficit are all serious problems eating up their time and energy, they all agree that diabetes research and prevention and treatment must be funded, not only because of the cost-benefits (we’ll spend less now to save more later) but also because of the impact of the disease upon our people and our nation.

Please join the fight to Stop Diabetes Now.  There are so many ways to get involved – it is true that every person makes a difference, every vote counts, and every tiny action is a step towards the cure!

Thanks for “traveling with me”!

Hillary Liber

ADA San Diego, Advocacy Chair and devoted Volunteer

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March 14, 2011 at 4:40 pm